Everybody wants to know about the harps

My two harps
I have two harps, one fancy and one … not-so-much.

I get a lot of questions about the harps in my photos. Yes, I play the harp! I’m not especially good or anything, but in the past couple summers I made some extra cash by busking with my little harp downtown Kingston.

I don’t give lessons, but I might play at one of your events if you don’t mind that I’m pretty mediocre. Sadly, when I moved to Vancouver to study computer science at UBC, I had to leave the harps back in Ontario with my harp teacher — it was just too expensive to ship them here. Someday we’ll be together again!

For a little while, I blogged about my busking experiences, if you’re interested. (I think everyone should try busking. It is really, really fun.)

Busking downtown!
Busking downtown in 2015.