While I was making up my budget for next year, sadly Netflix got the axe. The good news is that UBC has a great library! Here are books I’ve read and books I want to read (all to do with computer science, the tech industry, and STEM education). Feel free to let me know what I’m missing.

Things I’ve read (and sometimes written about)

Bellos, Alex. Here’s Looking at Euclid. I raved about this book in “Here’s Looking at Euclid – or how I learned to stop worrying and love math.”

Dantzig, Tobias. Number: The Language of Science. Einstein said about this one: “Beyond doubt the most interesting book on the evolution of mathematics which has ever fallen into my hands.” Agreed.

Markoff, John. Machines of Loving Grace. See “Common ground between English literature and computing.”

O’Neil, Cathy. Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.

Seife, Charles. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. 


Things I want to read (this list is endless)

Mostly so I don’t forget to check these out of the library someday!

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of men and white people on this list. If you’ve got suggestions on who else I should be reading, let me know.

Burger, Edward B. and Michael Starbird. The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking.

Devlin, Keith. The Math Instinct: Why You’re a Mathematical Genius (Along with Lobsters, Birds, Cats, and Dogs).

Freiberger, Paul. Fire in the Valley: Making of the Personal Computer.

Hofstadter, Douglas R. Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.

Kidder, Tracey. The Soul of a New Machine.

Kushner, David. Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture.

Lessig, Lawrence. The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World.

Lockhart, Paul. A Mathematician’s Lament: How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and Imaginative Art Form.

Lyons, Daniel. Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble.

Margolis, Jane. Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing.

Ibid. Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race and Computing.

Markoff, John. What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry.

Oakley, Barbara. A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra).

Pickover, Clifford A. The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics.

Rudder, Christian. Dataclysm: Who We Are.

Silver, Nate. The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail — But Some Don’t.

Wu, Tim. The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires.