About Caleigh (& this blog)

Me in my office at Queen's in 2016.
In my office at Queen’s. From the Queen’s Gazette in 2016.

My name is Caleigh, and about a year two years ago I decided to learn how to program. After getting my MA in English literature (!) and working in post-secondary academic success services for several years, I decided to combine my love for tech and education. In 2015 I began my coding journey in Kingston, Ontario, while working full-time job in learning strategies at Queen’s University. As of September 2016, I’ve relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, to complete UBC’s BCS computer science program.

There are lots of mature students like me out there. Maybe someone might want to learn from my mistakes (and triumphs? hopefully?) as a mature student diving into code after a couple decades of, well, not coding.

Every good quest requires a sidekick. My sidekick in these adventures happens to be a young hell hound named Millie:

Millie the dog
Millie has many names: Mill, Mildred, Millicent, Millipede, Milli Vanilli …