Bound for University of British Columbia!

Alright, it’s official – last week I was admitted to and paid my deposit for the University of British Columbia’s BCS (ICS) second-degree program, starting this fall. eek!

Despite my endless worries about moving across the country with a hyper little dog, to a city where I know all of two people, I think this is the right choice. For one thing, it’s only a 20-month program excluding the co-op. For another, UBC is one of the best computer science schools in Canada. And, last but not least, the program is specifically for mature students who’ve already got a bachelor degree in another field — meaning my peers won’t be straight out of high school! I’m hopeful that this means I’ll make friends a little more easily in the program and feel less isolated than I have at Queen’s, for example.

I’ve got my work lined up for me this summer, though. My last day working at Queen’s is June 9. I have to say goodbye to all my favourite Kingston restaurants (and, okay, my friends…) in the next month or so. The going-away party is June 18. All my stuff needs to be sold and I’ve got to be out of Kingston by June 23. I’ve enrolled in a serious dog-training course in Toronto this summer to work on Millie’s reactivity. I’m going to work through the free, online version of UBC’s first-year computing course in the hopes that I can skip it and move on to more advanced stuff when I get there (called “How to Code – Systematic Program Design” at edX — and it’s taught in Racket! so cool! Also the course is based on How to Design Programs, which I’ve written about before). I’ve also met a nice person (thanks, universe!), so I am trying to visit them lots before I move to British Columbia.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I expect my blogging will slow down over the summer as I wait for the real work to start in September. I may blog a little bit about my experiences with edX and possibly even dog training (since we can learn a lot about how we learn from how dogs learn).

It feels pretty good to have settled on some kind of future for the next 2-3 years! And, for the record, I did really well in the winter computer science course on object-oriented programming, so I am proud of that.