A shiny new blog, just in time for the holidays!

Millie peeks from behind couch
So sneaky. So festive.

First post! I seriously considered making the title “Hello world!”, but then I thought that would be too cheesy.

Before I start diving into actual, real, juicy content, I thought I’d start things off with a couple guidelines about what this blog is.

(Although maybe these are more for me than for you.)

Blog rules

1. This blog has two main topics: mature students & learning to code. Sometimes these topics will intersect; sometimes they won’t. I won’t stress it.

2. I aim to write once a week, but again … I won’t stress it.

3. I’ll write honestly (but diplomatically!) about my experiences as they happen, but this means that in a year’s time I might have some super cringe-worthy posts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. I invite feedback. Even though this blog is about mature students, I recognize that I’m in a pretty privileged position compared to many others: I don’t have to care for a family at the same time as going to school; I’m financially stable; I already have a university degree (albeit in a totally different field than what I’m going into now). I’ll do my best to feature resources that can help students from all kinds of different backgrounds, but I hope you’ll point me back in the right direction if I ever get off track.

5. This project should be FUN! I am not trying to be a pro blogger. I just want to help out other people who might be considering following a path like mine. This should be a lovely little retreat from the competitive, pressure-cooker atmosphere at some undergraduate computer science programs.


So. I initially started this whole project just because I wanted to mess around with WordPress themes*, but then realized I had better come up with actual content, too. I hope you learn from my mistakes!

*Speaking of messing around with themes … If you have any suggestions or cool things for me to try, let me know! I’ll write a post in a week or two about how I designed this theme (or scroll down to the footer if you want a spoiler). It’s definitely a work-in-progress.